Welcome to MISA 7!

Kuala Terengganu, the waterfront city

Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica (MISA) is a series of biennial event which gathers researchers from different countries to share findings and experiences in polar research and also provides the platform for our scientists to strengthen existing and forge new collaborations. MISA also provides opportunities for local researchers and students who are interested in pursuing their career in polar sciences especially global sciences.

“Connectivity between Polar and Equatorial Climate and Biosphere: from the Poles to the Tropics” has been chosen as the theme for the 7th MISA (MISA7) that will be held from 15th-17th of August 2017 at Primula Beach Hotel, Kuala Terengganu, MALAYSIA. The theme is in line with the rational that the Poles is an integral part of the global Earth system, as the origin of important climatic, biological, and physical processes and processes in the polar region not only influence that in the tropics but processes in the tropics also can influence the polar region. This connectivity issue becomes critical in the Anthropocene Era where climate change and anthropogenic activities have significant impact on the environment. This crucial topic requires attention and collaboration between various disciplines and field of research. The link between polar process and that in the tropics may reveal result that may provide an early warning precursor of important global changes that may affect both regions.

Primula Beach Hotel, Kuala Terengganu

Prominent plenary and keynote speakers will also be invited to talk about the current and future directions of polar research, the sustainability of the research, potential future collaborations and linkages with experts in the field of polar research and its connectivity to the tropics.

Two workshops will also be held in conjunction with MISA 7.The first workshop will chart the success of the current Flagship Program and determine the future research strategy and funding of the Malaysian Antarctic Research Program (MARP).The second workshop will try to address the issue of governance and implementation of Malaysian engagement in Antarctic obligated by Malaysia’s ratification of the Antarctic Treaty System 1959 and the Madrid Protocol1991. This workshop will share the experience of governance and implementation of the British Antarctic Survey and Australian Antarctic Division in executing and fulfilling their obligations as required by the treaty system.



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