Polar Science Workshop: Charting new strategies for Malaysian Polar Science Research Beyond 2017

Ever since the ‘Question of Antarctica’ in the United Nations general assembly in 1983, Malaysian Polar research has entered into its third decade of progress. Polar research is a challenging topic in Malaysia. In one hand, Polar Scientists needed to convince the public regarding the importance of Malaysian’s present in the polar region, on the other hand, to strengthen international collaboration, logistic arrangement, funding, grooming young researchers to ensure sustainability of the polar research in the country. Polar research would not be possible without collaboration and assistance of other fellow researchers from various countries. “No man is an island” is the true reflection in polar research. To foster strong strategic alliances, establish networkings are uphill tasks for researchers from Tropical countries. Without proper planning and strategies, polar research would not be taken off in the country.

2017 marks the completion of MOSTI priority research grant scheme focuses on connectivity of Polar and the Tropic. It is high time for the researchers, as a team, to chart the next milestones that aim to carry Malaysian polar research to fit into the bigger picture of global polar research platform. The Strategic workshop has four main objectives: 1. To review and document project achievements, and 2. To identify the next step forward for Malaysian Antarctica Research Team; 3. To foster relationship and networking among researchers and 4. To explore sustainable funding for Malaysia Polar program from government and private sector. All researchers; including those researchers who has immense interests or senior members who involved in the programme since early phase are cordially invited to participate in the half-day workshop. At the end of the workshop, a new strategy framework will be outlined and a new group proposal will be ready to take Malaysia Polar Science to a greater height.

Photo via telegraph.co.uk