Prof. Dr. Steve Pointing (Yale-Nus College, Singapore)

Professor Stephen (Steve) Pointing is Professor of Environmental Studies and Director of the Science Division at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. Steve earned degrees in biochemistry and microbiology from the UK. He won the prestigious Sainsbury Scholarship for postgraduate environmental research at the Bermuda Ocean Institute, and was awarded a PhD in marine microbiology in 1995.  Steve gained his MBA in Education Management from Leicester University in 2010. Prior to joining Yale-NUS Steve held academic positions in the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. He has spent over 20 years researching extreme environments finding microbial life where it should not exist, and this work has taken him all over the world from tropical hot springs to Himalayan lakes and Antarctic deserts. He has published some of the pivotal findings in his field and won numerous research awards. Steve is also very active in science communication and outreach, having made over 200 television and radio appearances commenting on environmental issues.